Monday, February 7, 2011

Trade fruit for cocktails? You can in Healdsburg

A lot of restaurants speak about using local ingredients, but one restaurant and bar in Healdsburg is taking it to the next step by buying citrus fruit from its customers.  Spoonbar in the Sonoma town of Healdsburg will be running a one week long promotion titled "Give Us Your Fruit!" in which local residents can trade their citrus fruit for dining credit.

According to a blogpost by Scott Keneally on the Spoonbar website, they will be accepting clean, ripe and "ready to go" citrus fruits including lemons, orange and kumquats from local restaurants up to 100 pounds per person.  The local "farmers" will receive between $0.75 and $1.50 per pound if they bring in their fruit between February 16th and 23rd.  The citrus will be used in juices, savory and sweet dishes and in Scott Beattie's amazing cocktails.

I love the idea of trading fruit from my trees for credit towards cocktails.  This is a refreshing concept in every sense of the word.

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