Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who Says You Can't Get Blood from a Stone?: Cocktail of the Week

Tricia Alley, the head bartender at the new B-Side Lounge at Rolling Stone, originally created her Blood from a Stone cocktail at home for her boyfriend as a sort of joke.  She wanted to shock him and another friend, but instead they loved it and asked for refills.  Alley's boyfriend enjoyed it so much he encouraged me to try it on a recent visit to B-Side.  The cocktail is named Blood from a Stone because "it is what one is never meant to do, that is, Cask Strength Scotch in a cocktail", Alley said. This is a boozy drink with a citrus kick from the blood orange jucie and the orange bitters.  It is tasty and packs a wallop and is distinctive and delicious enough to deserve the title of Cocktail of the Week.

The recipe is below if you'd like to make one at home.  Cheers!

Blood from a Stone by Tricia Alley

1 Dash Bitter Truth Orange Bitters
.75 oz Cara Cara Orange Juice
.75 oz Cherry Kijafa
.75 oz Carpanao Antica
.75 oz Lagavulin 12 Natural Cask Strength

Shake over ice and strain into a glass.
And then, if your socks are still intact:
Flamed Orange Peel Garnish

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