Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pour Vous Preview

Pour Vous, the much anticipated and much delayed French cocktail bar from Steve Livigni and Pablo Moix and the Houston brothers of La Descarga and Harvard & Stone is an opening I am very much looking forward to, so when I heard that Moix and Lindsay Nader (the head bartender at the Edison) would be trying out some Pour Vous recipes at the R&D bar at Harvard & Stone last week, I made sure to be there.

The Feelin' on Yo Booty (above) was my favorite of the drinks I sampled.  It is made with Cognac, Benedictine, Carpano Antica, whiskey barrel aged bitters, and vanilla mist sprayed from an atomizer.  This is a boozy spirit forward cocktail that isn't afraid to kick you if you get fresh on the dance floor.

The Sex Weed (below) is fashioned with Cognac, Aperol, lemon and orange juices and is garnished with a lemon peel.  This drink is more accessible and on the citrus and refreshing side.  On a warm night, this is just the thing to cool down and revel in the Southern California summer.  With a few sips you can imagine yourself in St. Tropez instead of Santa Monica...

Pour Vous: 5574 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood.  Coming August 2011 (hopefully)

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  1. Pour Vous is located on the east side of Melrose in a neighborhood difficult to navigate and impossible to park in at best. Across from Astoburger and next to a mechanic's shop bordered by a chain link fence, with a dingy store front appearance, this bar certainly does not catch your eye.

    It tries to be LA uber-cool by having a post-modern "Duckie"-style (think "Pretty in Pink") hipster at the door who metes out judgement about who can enter and who can't, like a TSA agent determining who should get a full-body pat down. (Ooh, you should be so lucky!)

    We didn't actually enter this unsigned, no-street-number watering hole because one of the people in our party did not meet dress code. Why? She was wearing a "summer color" - orange. When asked why this was a problem, "Duckie" informed us that they're French and they don't allow summer colors or sandals. That's right, no sandals allowed, but worn out sneakers seemed to be just fine, as he informed the men in our group.

    Maybe they just don't like women?

    My suggestion is to spend your money across the street at Astroburger. Try the Gardenburger Deluxe and onion rings if you are feeling decadent.

    Of course, if you are an eighties-style hipster with skinny jeans, pointy shoes and a bow tie, who is desperately seeking "The Scene" to make you feel like you're part of it all, this may be the place for you.

    Beware, however, because no one who actually matters goes here, so your craving for feeling a part of the "LA Scene" will not be sated and you will likely be sorely disappointed.

    Whatever you do, don't wear sandals (apparently they are a liability issue) avec summer colors which are completely unacceptable to LA French Hipsters.

    Oh, and if you complain you can expect the equally pathetic hipster manager to follow you down the street trying to justify their actions like a recently dumped girlfriend trying to get her boyfriend back after cheating on him.