Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Barbacoa at Gish Bac, a Goat for All Seasons

Gish Bac is a new Oaxacan restaurant on Washington Blvd off of Crenshaw. When Bill Esparza wrote about it in the LA Times last month, it sounded too good to wait to check out, so Mark & Angela of I Flip for Food joined me for a feast the Saturday following the article's publication.

We had been on a hike that morning, so had worked up a hearty appetite for the specialties of the house.  We shared the goat and lamb barbacoa as well as the chicken mole negro.  Following the chips and salsa (the salsa had some real kick to it), the meal began with the pancita, the offal of the lamb presented as the first part of the barbacoa feast.  As the I Flip For Food Duo noted, this tasted of iron and had a distinct texture.  I tried it but I confess it is not something I get excited about.  That just meant more pancita for Angela, who ate with gusto.

The mole negro did not disappoint.  Complex and flavorful it was stellar and the pool of mole sauce on the plate did not go to waste as we looked for anything and everything we could dip into its intensity.  Each bite of the tacos I made with the chicken, mole sauce and tortillas was different but equally tasty.  The Flip duo found this to be their favorite while I preferred the goat barbacoa even more.

The goat barbacoa arrived in a bowl of goat juices and could be eaten with a spoon.  No fork or knife was necessary as the goat meat was so tender.  The smell of the goat broth was intense and intoxicating.  At this point our table was very happy, just munching away with abandon.

Goat barbacoa

The lamb barbacoa could not compare with the goat, particularly as it was served on a plate, not in that stewed juices that the goat had.  They brought out an extra serving of goat juice, so we could make the lamb sufficiently saucy.

Lamb Barbacoa

The meal was remarkably inexpensive for all that we ate.  Service was pleasant and the restaurant was surprisingly uncrowded for prime lunch time the weekend after the restaurant was featured in the Times. The barbacoa is only $10.95. The environment is homey and relaxed and the food exceeds expectations.

Gish Bac: 4163 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles; Phone: (323) 737-5050

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  1. It's all coming back to me...and now I'm drooling thinking about that mole. I'd say we should go back soon, but there are so many other places we have to hit first!