Tuesday, September 27, 2011

BlackBoard Eats Prix Fixe Menu @ The Nickel Diner

Blackboard Eats is celebrating its second anniversary by partnering with The Nickel Diner top create a special 3 course dinner for only $30 including wine, beer or soda.  To put the party hat on this deal, the first 20 people who redeem the BBE code at the Nickel Diner get their meals for free, which is something worth blowing your party horn for.

You can get your code here at BlackBoardEats: http://www.blackboardeats.com/sp/nickel-diner-downtown-los-angeles

The BBE Old School "Frim Fram Menu":

Appetizers (choose one)
Vegetarian white bean soup
“Smac and cheese”
Fried chicken drumette in maple-bacon jam
Fruit and nuts salad
Double-stuffed artichoke

Entrées (choose one)
Chicken and dumplings with Frim Fram sauce
Grilled flatiron chimichurri steak
Vegan sloppy Joe
Buttermilk-brined pork chop

Dessert (choose one)
Root beer crème brûlée
Homemade ding dong
Salt peanut cake
Red velvet cake
Cheesecake plate

Choice of wine, beer, or soda

You should hurry if you want to be one of the lucky 20 diners who get their meal on the house.  If you end up at the Nickel Diner otherwise, Monica's Chicken Pozole is my favorite dish on the menu.

The Nickel Diner: 524 S. Main St, DTLA.  Phone: (213) 623-8301.  Website: www.nickeldiner.com

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