Sunday, November 27, 2011

Brunch by Way of the Mediterranean

Momed, the Modern Mediterranean restaurant and cafe on South Beverly Drive, recently added a prix fixe brunch ($14.50) on the weekends that includes a choice of brunch entree and either orange juice or Intelligentsia single origin coffee.  The brunch selections are not your standard fare of scrambled eggs or pancakes but variations of what might be found on breakfast tables in Turkey and the Levant. 

The most familiar offering may be the Challah French Toast prepared with house-made challah, date syrup, and a fruit salad of sliced bananas, dates and nuts.  The fresh challah was light and airy and the date syrup added a rich element to the dish.  The fruit provided a refreshing counterpoint.

The Khachapouri may be the most unusual breakfast offering.  These traditional breakfast flatbreads are offered in two varieties: Kaseri cheese, scrambled eggs and onions with dried mint and sumac or Spicy soujuk sausage, scrambled eggs, Halloumi cheese and kalamata olives.  Soujuk is a spicy dried ground beef sausage that is the breakfast meat of the Eastern Mediterranean.  The soujuk version was delicious with the warm flaky bread filled with the mixture of cheese, sausage and eggs.  This dish is sharable and a recommended part of your brunch visit.  

The other option I particularly recommend is the Shashuka, eggs baked over oven roasted tomatoes, peppers and onions.  The dish was served at the table in a skillet and the tomatoes dominated the flavor but that was fine.  The dish is seasoned with spiced and is hearty and flavorful without being too heavy.

In addition to the classic Intelligentsia Coffee, Momed makes a mean Turkish Coffee (above) if you want a pick-me-up to begin your morning.  And if you want a sweet bite to send you on the road, the baklava (below) is a nice option.  Stick with the standard type however, as the butterscotch version was not as good.  The classics are classics for a reason.

Other options for the Prix Fixe brunch are Skillet Omelettes with your choice of fillings (including barrel aged feta), Breakfast Hand Roll with eggs, Akawi cheese, Aleppo chili, tomatoes and mint in a pita, or the Mediterranean Morning Plate with barrel aged feta, halvah, labneh, olives, cucumber, tomatoes and honey with pita and preserves.

A tasty way to begin the weekend, no matter what you choose.  Best of all if your brunch companions are in a sharing mood you can try them all.

Momed: 233 S. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills.  Phone: 310.270.4444 | Website:

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