Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lamb Pies @ Beijing Pie House

Beijing Pie House in Monterey Park is known for their signature dish of meat pies.  The Lamb Meat Pies may be the ultimate dish here and they come come four to an order for $7.  Picture a hockey puck shaped dumpling filled with a savory lamb patty and scalding hot lamb jus.  The dumplings are dangerous in that the soup they contain is both extremely flavorful and extremely hot.  Prepare for the jus to squirt when you bite into one or pierce one with your chopstick.  

This is not dainty food; prepare for a mess and you will see that it is worth the effort.  The lamb soup and lamb patty that lie within the dough combine to make one of the perfect bites of Los Angeles.  As a lamb  fan, this dish is irresistible although I have yet to determine the optimal method of eating the pies without the hot jus running down my fingers.

What better way to enhance your lamb experience at Beijing Pie House than by adding the Lamb Noodle Soup ($6.29) to the order.  The soup is served in a large bowl and the broth is imbued with the lamb meat flavor.  Unlike some restaurants where the broth in the soup seems like a sauce for the noodles; here it takes center stage and is served in an ample sized portion relative to the noodles and lamb.  The noodles are nicely chewy and the soup is the perfect thing on a chilly day or evening.

Please note that Beijing Pie House is cash only.  There are several other types of meat pies available but the lamb ones are so enticing, I have never made it further than that dish on the menu.

Beijing Pie House: 846 E. Garvey Avenue, Monterey Park. | 626.288.3818


  1. this has been on my to-eat list forever, but every time i drive all the way out to SGV i don't want to "waste my time on pie." how stupid of me. do they have a veggie pie for abe???

  2. It looks like they have leek and egg, radish, or wild vegetable pie options. They also have the classic green onion pancakes and some veggie apps. It is worth a stop, esp if you get the pies.