Friday, March 9, 2012

Bone Marrow Custard at Craft

Bone marrow is one of the most delicious and decadent foods imaginable.  It is literally the tissue in the middle of the bone and in cuisine, beef bones are most commonly used.  The bones are often roasted and the marrow takes on an almost liquid gelatinous quality.  Typically it is served in either vertical cylinders with small spoons to scoop it out, or in a trough, which is popular for bone luges.

When I got word that on rare occasions Craft Restaurant makes a Bone Marrow Custard I was more than intrigued; I was drooling.  I soon made arrangements to try this dish for myself.  Chef Ray England prepared this "meat butter", which was served with two pieces of toast and a red wine sauce.  This dish was extremely rich and lived up to its meat butter nickname.  I managed to eat this portion all by myself (perhaps not something to brag about) as I couldn't bear any of it to go to waste and I was solo for this adventure.

The aroma of the custard was heavenly.  The eggs gave the custard a wonderful texture and it spread easily on the warm grilled toast.  I soon ran out of toast, but before they could bring more, I had devoured the dish completely.  This dish practically begs for a Lipitor chaser, but a glass of red wine was the perfect accompaniment.  The bone marrow custard at Craft is 100% decadence and bliss on a plate.

Craft Los Angeles: 10100 Constellation Blvd, Century City. | 310.279.4180 | website

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