Monday, June 28, 2010

Attari Part I: A sandwich shop even more powerful than the 2600

Attari Sandwich Shop is hidden away in a courtyard in a building on Westwood Blvd amidst the stretch of Persian businesses that line Westwood from Wilshire to La Grange. The unobtrusive location is no hindrance to business as the patio tables are crowded with fans hungry for their popular tongue sandwich, oliveh chicken sandwich and the ab-goosht soup (served only on Fridays).

Simon Majumdar of Los Dos Hermanos and I stopped by recently to try their well known tongue sandwich and some borani (a yogurt dip with spinach).

The tongue sandwich was served on a baguette and has some tart pickles, lettuce and tomato, along with the slices of tongue in a baguette. The portion is quite large. The pickles really assert themselves in this sandwich and the texture of the tongue was softer than I had expected.

The borani was refreshing and a nice light counterpoint to the sandwich. If we had been eating spicy food, it would have made a great antidote.

It is quite pleasant to sit in the courtyard at lunch and eat at a leisurely pace.

Note: the entrance to the restaurant/patio is on Wilkins.

Attari Sandwich Shop: 1388 Westwood Blvd @ Wilkins, Westwood. Telephone: (310) 441-5488. No Website. Closed on Mondays.

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