Monday, June 28, 2010

Cadenhead's Green Label Rum

At the recent Mutineer Magazine party at Falcon, I was intrigued by the selection of spirits at the Preiss Imports table. Their representative mentioned that he had a bottle of Cadenheads Green Label Rum but was unable to get to his car to get it so it could be sampled.

I remembered this and several weeks later was able to sample this elusive spirit, which is made from Caribbean rum but is produced by Cadenheads, a Scottish distiller known for its single malt whiskeys, Old Raj Gin and its Demerara rum.

The Cadenheads Green Label rum is bottled from a single cask of matured-in-oak Demerara Rum. It is 100 proof and the rum is a dark golden color with a full flavor. Despite the high alcohol content, the Green Label is not harsh. This is a sipping rum that has some caramel, oak and vanilla flavors to it; I thought it tasted even better with a single ice cube to cool it down and just begin to dilute it. Based on the flavor profile, the aging and the manufacturer, I'd describe Cadenhead's Green Label as a Scotch drinker's rum. The finish was smoother than I had expected for a 100 proof rum and overall the Green Label is a good option to sip after dinner, or on a relaxing afternoon.

The origin of the rum is not disclosed by Cadenheads on the bottle, website or by the representative, perhaps in order to keep an air of mystery about the origins of the spirit. The only descriptor given is Caribbean, which is rather broad.

It is available online at Cask (from San Francisco) at $73 and locally in Los Angeles for $75 at Wally's.

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