Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Don't Mess With My Lamb: Lamb Burgers from Lindy & Grundy

Fairfax can be a little like the wild west, at least the stretch near Melrose Avenue.  I went back to Lindy & Grundy's butcher shop for some ground lamb to make lamb burgers.  When I went to the register, the person in front of me took my package of wrapped ground lamb with their items when they left.  At first neither the cashier or I could figure out what happened to my lamb, but then he described the clothing worn by the previous customer and I ran outside to chase him down.

Nobody messes with my lamb.  I looked in both directions but he was nowhere to be seen.  Finally I spotted the culprit in the coffee shop next door.  As I said excuse me for the third time to get his attention, I was joined by the cashier from Lindy & Grundy.  We explained that he had taken my lamb and he looked through the paper wrapped meats in his bag and lo and behold found my ground lamb.  Must have been an accident, he said.  We didn't belabor the point and I went back to the butcher shop, paid and left.  I was not about to let my lamb run off without me.

The lamb meat was coarsely ground, so I formed it into patties that were loosely packed to keep the texture.  I seasoned the patties with salt pepper, a little herbs de provence and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.  I grilled the lamb burgers on my bbq and they came out great.  I'm glad that an "accidental" thief did not deprive me of this meal.

Lindy & Grundy: 801 North Fairfax Avenue, just north of Melrose Avenue. Mid City. Phone: (323) 951-0804. Website: http://www.lindyandgrundy.com/index.htm

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