Monday, May 23, 2011

Classic Cocktails Have Arrived at Cliff's Edge

Cliff's, the bar at Cliff's Edge Cafe in Silverlake, has been reconfigured and the cocktail program has been redesigned by bartender Dave Whitton of Villains Tavern, who earlier gained notice at downtown whiskey specialist Seven Grand.  The new menu is focused on the classics, including a Martini made with Junipero Gin, which has a stronger juniper berry flavor than most gins.

The patio is still as lush and inviting as ever, but now the interior is a proper complement to the outside space. The Vieux Carré is particularly alluring, as it is boozy, aromatic and has layers of flavor.  It is the perfect drink to celebrate the end of a long week.  Whitton has included a variety of cocktails on the list, including a take on the Cosmopolitan with a float of red wine on top.  These twists keep things interesting and are a signature of his.

The full list is below:

The Calvados Cocktail $12
Calvados, Cointreau, Fresh Lemon & Orange, Flower Water

Caipirinha $11
Sagatiba Cachaca, Grapes, muddled lime and organic sugar

Cosmopolitan $13
Grey Goose, Fresh Lime, Brown Sugar, Cranberry, Lavender Bitters
With a flamed grapefruit peel and a float of Cabernet

Manhattan $12
Russell’s Rye, Felsina Amaro with Forbidden Bitters

Margarita $11
4 Copas, Fresh Lime, Cucumber, Flower Water, Agave
With a pinch of salt on top

Martini $12
Junipero Gin, Chopin, Lillet with a hint of Lemon

Mojito $12
Pisco Porton, Fresh Lemon & Lime, Mint, Cane Sugar
Topped with Club Soda and Sparkling Wine

Negroni $12
Bols Genever, Antica Sweet Vermouth, Gran Classico, with Orange and Lemon Oils

Old Fashioned $11
Eagle Rare 10, Peychaud Bitters, Organic Sugar,
With Grapefruit and Lemon Oils
*ask for our special tequila old fashioned as well

Vieux Carré $20
Courvoisier VS, Thomas Handy Rye, Antica Sweet Vermouth, Benedictine
With Peychaud and Angostura Bitters

Cliff's Bar @ Cliff's Edge: 3626 Sunset Blvd, Silver Lake.  (323) 666-6116.  Website:

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