Monday, May 2, 2011

The Thirsty Crow Turns One

Last weekend the Thirsty Crow held its first anniversary party.  It was the first bar in the neighborhood to focus on craft cocktails.  In the past year there have been a lot of quality beverage programs opening in the broader neighborhood: Big Bar at Alcove has brought craft cocktails to Los Feliz, Bar Covell has brought unusual quality wines to the same neighborhood and soon Mohawk Bend will bring craft beer to Echo Park.

My favorite cocktail on their list continues to be the signature Thirsty Crow, made with Jim Beam rye whiskey, ginger beer, citrus juices and bitters.  It is served on the rocks in a jar and is really refreshing without being too sweet, a spring cocktail I'm happy to drink all year round.  It is $12.  Head bartender Cooper Gillespie runs a tight ship and the Crow is a fun spot to sip on their well made drinks and ample whiskey, bourbon and rye selection.  On a recent visit, some Bookers did me right as I relaxed at the comfortable bar.

If you haven't been, check it out and don't forget to order a Thirsty Crow.  You will leave quenched and happy.

The Thirsty Crow: 2939 W Sunset Blvd, Silverlake.  Phone: (323) 661-6007.  Website:

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  1. Oh I need to try this! My fave right now is the Smokescreen from Bar and Kitchen! Hoping to blog about it very soon :)