Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cheese of the Week: Roaring Forties Blue

Roaring Forties Blue Cheese is from the King Island Dairy, which is located on King Island, a small island (with an area smaller than that of the city of Los Angeles) South of Melbourne and North of Tasmania, in Australia's Bass Strait.

This cheese is not named for the decade, but for the fiercely strong westerly winds which bear down on the island which lies along the 40 degrees South latitude and caused many shipwrecks over the years. (Calling all treasure hunters!) It is a medium creamy rind-less blue cheese in the Roquefort style made from cow's milk exclusively from cows who graze on the island's lush vegetation. The cheese has a slight nuttiness in the taste and some nice salty tangy flavor. It is more creamy than crumbly and is matured in rounds in a thick blue wax coating, the effects of which may contribute to its sweetness.

Roaring Forties has won several awards including the 2006 Championship at the 78th Annual British Empire Cheese Show in Ontario, Canada. It is available locally at Surfas for $17.00 per pound and also via mail order.

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