Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Momed - Casual Mediterranean in Beverly Hills

Momed, a casual "Modern Mediterranean" (hence the name Momed) cafe recently opened on South Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. It is open continuously from breakfast through dinner, with breakfast served 8:00 - 11:30 AM, and the lunch/dinner menu from 11:30 AM - 9:00 PM. There are also nightly dinner specials available in addition to the regular menu.

Last week I had dinner there with a confederate and we each ordered from the "skewers" section of the menu, which in addition to the skewered meat come with house made pita, rice pilaf or momo chips, and one of the marketplace salads. The extensive selection of salads are the heart of the menu. They include beet, cucumber, hummus, avocado hummus, carrot, lentil and about a dozen more.

We got the lamb and beef koefte skewer with herb salad (pictured above) and the yogurt marinated chicken breast with chickpea aioli (pictured below). The "momo" potatoes are delicious versions of french fries but are cross sectioned rather than cut into french fry shaped. I had the cucumber salad, which had a pleasing zing to it from some hot peppers. The fries were hot and delicious.

The chicken skewer was a winner as well and they permitted us to sub a second market salad for the starch. I sampled the beet salad which was well prepared and refreshing. The portions of the skewers while not large, are enough for those of normal appetites, especially with the sides of salad and potatoes. Harissa and tomato sauce are both available upon request for the momo potatoes.

Each of the skewer plates we tried was $14. Tuna costs $16 and Shrimp or steak is $18. You can also get a selection of three of the signature salads for $15. We saw some pizza-like flatbreads at neighboring tables that looked delicious and would make an excellent appetizer to share. I am intrigued by the flatbread with Ohanyan spicy soujuk sausage, red onion and piquillo peppers with halloumi cheese. The sausage is cured and made with beef and lamb.

Momed also serves Intelligentsia Coffee, so if you are in the neighborhood, there is no need to go to Silverlake or Venice to get your fix, as they have been trained by the educators/trainers of Intelligentsia in their method and style. Momed also sells the whole beans.

Momed is a very attractive space; much nicer than other restaurants in this category (whether middle eastern or tender greens style spots). You order at the counter and a server brings the food to your table. Service was friendly and they leave a pitcher of water on your table for easy refills.

Momed is located at 233 South Beverly Drive (@ Charleville) in Beverly Hills. Phone: (310) 270-4444. Website:

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