Friday, July 16, 2010

Junior's Deli, 50+ years of sandwiches

Juniors has been serving Jewish delicatessen food to the Westside from its Westwood Blvd location for over fifty years. Back when Juniors opened, the PicWood Bowl bowling alley stood where the Westside Pavillion is now, across Pico Blvd from Juniors. Unlike Langer's, whose neighborhood has become mostly Hispanic over the years, Junior's is still located in a heavily Jewish neighborhood and its customer base is mostly local.

On a recent visit, I got a deli platter with corned beef and pastrami and some rye bread cut in half. I made my own sandwiches. The corned beef was a little thicker and fattier than I was expecting, but was still good. The pastrami was nicely peppery.

The sandwiches were better than I had remembered. Juniors meals come with pickles in a bowl (free refills) as is standard at Jewish delis. The pickles were fine but nothing special and were all of the same variety.

During my recent lunchtime meal, the customers were older, 50 years and up.

Parking can be tough on Westwood Blvd as meters fill up, but Juniors has a parking lot. A pet peeve of mine is that the restaurant validation is only good for 30 minutes, which is really only enough time if you are picking up takeout. Not giving customers an hour is a chintzy touch.

A good option on the Westside, especially as it is open later, but not pilgrimage worthy like Langer's or Brent's.

Juniors: 2379 Westwood Blvd @ Pico Blvd. West LA. Phone: (310) 475-5771. Website:

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