Monday, July 19, 2010

Short Order: Ida's Burger previewed

Nancy Silverton, the founder of the La Brea Bakery and a co-founder/owner/chef of Pizzeria Mozza and Osteria Mozza will be opening a burger restaurant at the Farmer's Market on 3rd & Fairfax in January in the old DuPar's bakery space. Her partners in the venture are chef Amy Pressman, and restaurant investor Bill Chait (Rivera, Louise's).

Last Tuesday at the Taste of the Farmer's Market, Short Order previewed Ida's Old School Burger, made from "Nancy's blend", a blend of hamburger meat that was created for Silverton byHuntington Meats at the Farmer's Market.

Ida's Old School Burger was described as grass fed beef, American organic cheese, pickle chips, lettuce, griddled onion, tomato and secret sauce. The La Brea bakery brioche buns were grilled as well and the beef was of high quality with a real beefy flavor. The hamburger was delicious and I was happy to be able to have more than one.

Pictured above are Pressman and Chait. Below a giant hamburger balloon showed the crowd where to go to sample the dish of the day, Ida's Burger. This dish was the star of the Taste of the Farmer's Market event ($25 and up per person) and despite all the buzz around Silverton and the burgers, the line was surprisingly short when I visited the Short Order booth. The burgers came out in waves, on large trays, were dished out quickly and then the line built up once again.

I look forward to early next year when I can have Short Order burgers on a regular basis.

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