Friday, July 16, 2010

Thai Cashew Chicken @ Panda Express - Yuck

I was reading MidtownLunchLA and saw Zach's post about free Thai Cashew Chicken. As I had no lunch plans that day, I decided to see what delicacy Panda Express was cooking up, at no charge.

I hadn't been to a Panda Express in a number of years but free was free, so I figured why not. I headed to the Westside Pavillion location, handed in my coupon, and received a surprisingly generous portion of Thai Cashew Chicken.

Unfortunately it was bland and had an unappealing texture. Not recommended, even for free. Apparently Panda Express does one thing well, orange chicken, as the LA Times reported that 40% of all customers meals include that dish. If you must go to panda, get that dish as it has got to be better than the Thai Cashew Chicken.

The name alone should have been a clue. Why was Panda Express, a fast food Chinese restaurant, pushing a Thai dish? I'm not sure where inexpensive Asian restaurants got the idea to just throw dishes from other cuisines of the region onto their menu. They are invariably bad. Sometimes you get what you pay for, even when (or especially when) its free.

The best part was the fortune in my fortune cookie said, "Work on Improving Your Exercise Routine." Now even fortune cookies are commenting on my weight! And this from a restaurant serving calorie laden food...

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