Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chicago: The Girl & The Goat

The Girl and the Goat is the newish Chicago restaurant from Top Chef winner Stephanie Izzard.  Like many new restaurants of the moment, it serves a meat heavy small plates menu.  The restaurant is extremely popular so plan on booking several weeks in advance for prime time or hope for a seat at the bar.

We enjoyed all the food we had.  The menu is divided into vegetable, fish and meat dishes and there is a section on the daily specials for goat dishes, in honor of the name of the restaurant.  The goat lamb was tasty though not very gamy.  The best dish was the beef tongue, which was well prepared and extremely tender.  The bartender was also quite hospitable and knowledgeable and exceeded expectations.

The only drawback to the meal was that our food all came to the table very quickly.  We could have been in and out in less than 45 minutes, including paying the check, despite ordering six dishes, most of which are pictured below.  When a manager asked how we were enjoying our dinner, I told her the meal felt quite rushed and she apologized and comped us each a glass of wine, which was a generous touch.  I'd suggest either ordering in waves or making it clear that you want your dishes coursed out.

Halibut with Asparagus & Green Garlic

Shishito Peppers


Grilled Goat Loin

Braised beef tongue
The Girl & The Goat: 809 W. Randolph St, Chicago.  Phone: (312) 492-6262 Website:


  1. gjoing tonight for the 4th time. can't wait. love the tongue. we had Stephanie make dinner for 10 at our house before the Goat opened and we went to one of the Wandering Goat dinners, so we're a little biased.

  2. Wish I could have that tongue dish again tonight. Lucky that you got to go to one of the Wandering dinners. Jealous.