Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Punch Party at the Spare Room

The Spare Room has become one of the premier cocktail spots in Los Angeles for punch bowls due to the diligent and creative efforts of General Manager Aidan Demarest and Head Bartender Naomi Schimeck.  Last month the lounge was the scene of a fundraiser for Share Our Strength and Schimeck and team created several punches for the occasion, two of which are featured below.

Talbert's Tub 
Talbert's Tub is named for the tub in Talbert's Barbershop on the lower level of the hotel, in which Errol Flynn used to mix up large quantities of gin during Prohibition.  The Genever-based punch was refreshing and the citrus rinds added to the festivity of the bowl.  This punch goes down easy, so beware.

Talbert's Tub Recipe (by Naomi Schimeck):
2 pineapple rings
3 whole lemon rinds
3 T demerara sugar
4 oz housemade raspberry syrup
6 oz lemon juice
2 oz orange juice
2 oz maraschino liqueur
.5 oz Regans Orange Bitters
16 oz Bols Genever

Muddle lemon rinds and pineapple into sugar until it has completely dissolved
Add the rest of ingredients - stir well
Ice down and add 12 oz club soda

Tobacco Road
The Tobacco Road is a rye based punch with a large dose of tea and grated nutmeg at the end to garnish.  The nutmeg adds a scent to the flavor of the punch as well as a zesty visual touch.

Tobacco Road Punch Recipe (by Naomi Schimeck):
3 oz lemon juice
5 oz demerara syrup 1:1
30 oz chilled lapsang souchong tea
20 oz rye

Dry shake lemon juice and demerara syrup to emulsify
Pour into punch bowl and add tea and rye
Ice down and serve with a touch of grated nutmeg

If you haven't made your way up to the second floor of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, these punches are the excuse you have been waiting for to visit the Spare Room.  The space is elegant and is old school without feeling forced.  There is a two lane bowling alley straight out of There Will be Blood and a lounge area where you can play Connect Four and Jenga with custom sets.  The shoes for the bowling alley are more comfortable than any street shoes you probably own.  So grab five friends and order a punch bowl and reserve a lane of bowling.

The Spare Room: The Mezzanine at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - 7000 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood.  Phone: (323) 769-7296.  Website: http://www.spareroomhollywood.com/

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