Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Celebrity Chef Tour Comes to Chaya October 20th

The Celebrity Chef Tour is kind of like the World Poker Tour, except the head to head finale leaves diners as the victors and nobody hauling away a briefcase full of cash.  The Celebrity Chef Tour comes to Chaya this Thursday night October 20th for a special dinner benefiting the James Beard Foundation.  Chaya Executive Chef Haru Kishi, and three members of the Forgione cooking family will be preparing the dinner.

The meal will begin with passed appetizers by each of the four chefs and the seated portion of the evening will start off with Hamachi Mole, one of Chef Kichi's signature creations.  Then Larry Forgione, one of the seminal leaders of American cuisine in the 1980s onwards, and his sons "Iron Chef" Marc Forgione of Marc Forgione Restaurant in New York and Bryan Forgione of the Society Cafe at the Encore resort in Las Vegas, will each serve a dish.  The meal will conclude with dessert prepared by Chefs Kishi & Tachibe of Chaya.

The meal is $175 all inclusive, which in this case means tax, tip and wine pairings.  Not only do you get to eat a meal at one of the creators of Euro Asian cuisine but diners have the opportunity to try the food of a legend and taste how his sons are building on his legacy with their own techniques.  Tradition plus experimentation should make for a fun and tasty evening.  Plus, it is not every day you get to help raise funds for the James Beard Foundation, which celebrates America's culinary heritage and traditions.

Buy tickets here: http://www.celebritycheftour.com/events/CHAYA.html

Chaya: 8741 Alden Drive, Beverly Hills.  Phone: (310) 859-8833.  Website: http://www.celebritycheftour.com/events/CHAYA.html

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