Sunday, October 16, 2011

Scottish Cashmere @ Drago Centro

A highlight of Jaymee Mandeville's new cocktail list at Drago Centro is the Scottish Cashmere ($12).  This stirred drink is made with Highland Park 12 Year aged Scotch, Fig and Basil Infused Water and is served over a single large ice cube with a fig as garnish.

The cocktail is smooth with a hint of basil and fig.  The Scottish Cashmere is elegant, goes down easy, but you'll want to savor this one, so take it a sip at a time.  Highland Park is one of my favorite Scotch producers; it is unusual to see it as the base in a cocktail.  It comes from the Orkney Isles and is the Northernmost whiskey distillery in the world.  If this cocktail represents the first lap since the passing of the torch from Michael Shearin, the bar program at Drago Centro is in good hands.

Drago Centro: 525 S. Flower Street, Downtown.  Phone: (213) 228-8998.  Website:

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