Thursday, December 15, 2011

Neat Times Two: The Irish Are Coming

If you are in the mood for a wee nip of Irish Whiskey, and frankly who isn't?  Get to Neat tonight and tomorrow night for a winter celebration of Irish Whiskey.  Neat is latest watering hole from Aidan Demarest, known for Seven Grand, The Edison, 1886 and The Spare Room, to name but a few of the establishments he has managed or launched.  The Glendale bar specializes in liquor served neat, and for two nights the focus will be on the Emerald Isle.

Tonight there will be free bands, bites and whiskey samples as special guest Todd Richman (formerly of Chartruese) conducts a seminar on the history of Irish whiskey.  I sincerely hope that there will be a homework assignment for extra credit.  Plan on trying Michael Collins Irish Whiskey and listening to the high spirited music of fiddlers.

Tomorrow, Richman will be serving a special menu of four cocktails served deconstructed.  That gives you the opportunity to mix the ingredients together to make something delicious, dangerous, or both.

Neat: 1114 Pacific Avenue, Glendale.  Phone: 818.241.4542 |  Website:

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