Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Animal Restaurant - Cart for a Cause

Animal Restaurant has been all over the news & blogosphere this week. The New Yorker magazine profiled Animal chefs/owners Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo in a four page article by Dana Goodyear. (you have to be a subscriber to read the article online). It was also announced that ex-Ubuntu chef Jeremy Fox will be doing a one week residency in May at Animal, serving vegetarian food in the house of meat and bacon. Lastly the Animal partners-in-crime were the chefs for the weekly Cart for a Cause, to benefit St. Vincent's Meals on Wheels, today outside the Roll International bldg on Olympic Blvd in West LA.

Today's Cart for a Cause menu had a choice of Hamachi Tostada or Chorizo Frita. The truck was running ~30 minutes late and when it arrived there was a long line of hungry folks. I did not sample the chorizo but the hamachi was good with fresh fish on top of avocado puree (some might call this guacamole). Chefs Jon & Vinny were in the cart-mobile dishing out their food to happy folks. "Fire one hamachi and one chorizo" could be heard as I approached to order my lunch.

If you are interested in the Jeremy Fox week (May 17 - 23) at Animal, call for a reservation at 323.782.9225 after 2 pm. More info at their website here. The cost is $70 per person prix fixe with the option of wine pairings for an additional charge of $35 or $70 depending on the level of grape juice you care to drink with your veggies. There have not been any announcements of V8 juice pairings, but anything is possible at Animal Restaurant.

Follow Cart for a Cause on Facebook & Twitter to learn about the chef creating the dishes available for $10 each Tuesday.

Learn more about chefs Jon & Vinny in their profile in Food & Wine when they won Best New Chefs last year (2009). Both photos are of Vinny in the Cause-mobile today. The other picture is of the hamachi tostada.

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