Saturday, April 3, 2010

First Look: Chego

The Kogi BBQ food truck fleet (they have expanded to 4 trucks each named after a color in Spanish) has now spawned its first stationary restaurant, Chego. It is a small restaurant in a minimall on Overland and Rose in West LA that focuses on rice bowls.

Founder/Chef Roy Choi was there when I stopped by on Thursday, the 2nd night of their soft opening, greeting guests and hugging regular customers of his trucks. Note that Chego is currently open for dinner only. Tonight (Saturday) will be the last night of the "soft opening" period.

Chego does not offer beer or wine and does not permit corkage. According to their website, "You’re not allowed to [bring in your own wine, beer or liquor]. Undergrads like to sneak them in soda bottles, while the sustainable-friendly use their stainless steel SIGG bottles. The classier sort resort to the good ole flask. But just know that if you’re caught, your actions will be FROWNED UPON."

In addition to the rice bowls, Chego serves dessert in the form of a take on the classic rocky road ice cream, and several appetizers including a caesar salad, and a "$12 salad" for the bargain price of $7. Much of the menu is cheekily named, in keeping with the lighthearted spirit of the restaurant and Kogi phenomenon.

At Chego you order and pay at the counter where you are given a number and then waiters bring your food to your table. Both the bowl of pickles and the "Tiny's Prime Rib Rice Bowl" (pictured) arrived at the table within five minutes of ordering. Talk about fast service. The beef bowl also included a fried egg with a runny yolk, chili, water spinach, creamed horseradish, and fried shallots.

The food is served on disposable plates and the silverware is also disposable/plastic. Plastic silverware and paper napkins are available alongside the counter where you order.

Chego is open Tuesday - Saturday 6 pm - 12 Midnight. Telephone: (310) 287-0337. No reservations accepted. Website:


  1. The food pictured is the prime rib bowl. Not my favorite dish and I love runny egg. I am not expecting high quality beef in a $9 dish but overall it felt like a mess. It was their first night so not fair if execution isnt perfect.

    I think my issue is not the execution but that I just don't dig this concept. I'd rather head to K-town.