Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hooked on Hook's 15 Yr Aged Cheddar

I'd been hearing great things about Hook's Cheddar from the Hook's Cheese Company of Wisconsin for a while and finally got to try their 12 year aged Cheddar on New Year's eve which I enjoyed very much. At Surfas in Culver City this week, I saw they had the elusive 15 year cheddar which is only made and released in small quantities. Despite the cost ($95/lb) I gulped and purchased a quarter of a pound in the name of research and to further celebrate the wonders of cheese during grilled cheese month.

The Hook's 15 year cheese is a sharp cheddar that is crumbly (this is not a cheese you can expect nice and even slices from), salty and has a lot of calcium crystals which give the texture an extra oomph. It has a very strong cheddar flavor and unlike some of the cheese you can find that is labeled sharp (I'm looking at you Trader Joes), this cheddar cheese lives up to its description.

Hook's Cheese is a family owned and operated small business based in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, about an hour Southwest of Madison, in the Southwestern corner of the state. Tony & Julie Hooks are the owners/founders/operators and have been making cheese since 1976, winning many awards over the years.

Hook's also produces 10 and 12 year aged cheddars, which can be purchased locally in Los Angeles. Their blue cheese is especially spreadable. The 15 yr can be purchased less expensively at the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills for $75/lb. They also carry the 12 yr for $50/lb. The CheeseStore of Silverlake carries the 10 yr for $35/lb and the 12 yr for $50/lb.

Cheese Store of Beverly Hills: 419 N Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills. Phone: 310.278.2855, Website:
CheeseStore of Silverlake: 3926 W Sunset Blvd (sunset junction), Silverlake. Phone: 323.644.7511, Website:
Surfas: 8777 W Washington Blvd, Culver City. Phone: 310.559.4770. Website:

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