Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dale DeGroff's Troubles Bubbles @ First & Hope

[Update: Dale will be at the event tonight, which will feature his new Troubles Bubbles cocktail, but he will not be behind the bar mixing.  Naomi Schimek, who makes some of the best cocktails in town, will be behind the stick making the DeGroff signatures.  Apologies for the confusion.]

Dale DeGroff who is literally known as the King of Cocktails will be in Los Angeles tomorrow (Thursday November 11th) evening for a one night stand at First & Hope in Downtown LA.  He will be supporting songstress Vanessa Trouble who will be performing in the Fedora Room at First & Hope.  While she serenades you, prepare for your palate to be amused by DeGroff's Troubles Bubbles, a champagne cocktail. [Note that the cocktail will be available but don't expect him to be the one making it for you.]

DeGroff is a true dean of the cocktail world, is a James Beard Award winner, author of several award winning books and has been recognized by every organization in the cocktail world.  He is one of the key players in the modern cocktail renaissance and I highly recommend you take advantage of his rare visit to Los Angeles to experience his cocktails firsthand.  [Even though he will not be the one making the cocktail, this should still be a good event as you can taste one of his creations while he is on premises and you may have the opportunity to engage the King in conversation.]

First & Hope: 710 West 1st Street, Downtown Los Angeles. Phone: (213) 617-8555. Website:


  1. Sabrina - I spoke to Dale last night and he confirmed he will be there but he said he will not be behind the stick.