Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Cocktails at Dominick's

Monday night a phalanx of cocktail bloggers (including Caroline on Crack, e*star LA and ThirstyinLA) descended on the back bar at Dominick's to try the new cocktail list, which for the first time is shared by both Dominick's (West Hollywood) and its sibling establishment, Little Dom's in Los Feliz. The new cocktails were created by Nikki Sunseri of Little Dom's. We tried all of the new drinks:

The Scotch Leaf has Famous Grouse Scotch, Maple, Maple Bitters, Lemon, Egg White, Orange Peel.  This reminded me of the Japanese Maple, one of the signature drinks at the Roger Room (Yamazaki Scotch, maple syrup, lemon juice, egg white), and while it isn't up to that standard, is pretty darn tasty.  The froth of the egg white, the scotch and the maple all blend together seamlessly.

The garnish is anything but discreet on the Southside cocktail (above) made with Damrak Amsterdam Gin, Cucumber, Basil, Lemon and Simple Syrup.  With the cucumber it reminded me more of an Eastside than a Southside, but in any case it was refreshing and well balanced.  On the sweeter side of drinks I enjoy, but still recommended as the basil and cucumber cut the gin and simple nicely.

You may be shouting Ole once you take a sip of El Matador, which contains El Jimador Silver Tequila, Creme Yvette, Pressed Ginger, Simple Syrup and Lemon.  It is very light for a tequila-based cocktail although its pink color does not imply that it is simply a concoction for the fairer sex.  The tequila does not overpower the cocktail and you could find yourself drinking too many of these before you realize it.

The Italian 75 is a prosecco cocktail based on the classic French 75, containing Prosecco, Dimmi, Plymouth Gin, Simple Syrup and Lemon and served with a grapefruit peel.  The changes are the substitution of prosecco for champagne and the addition of Dimmi.

The cocktails above are all $12, with the exception of the Italian 75, which is $11.

The only beverage I tried that wasn't up to par was the Manhattan (not pictured), which was rather weak.  So stick to the drinks above and you should be a happy camper.

The back bar at Dominick's is very comfortable and seats about eight people max.  As part of a recent renovation they redid their side patio, which has a roaring fireplace and comfortable seating.  I'd recommend getting a cocktail at the front bar and relaxing outside by the fireplace or hanging out at the back bar which is open every day of the week except Monday evening.

Don't forget about the Sunday Dinner special which is 3 courses for $15, with bottles of red or white wine available for $12.  The prime seating area is the back patio, which is comfortable and relaxing.

Dominick's: 8715 Beverly Blvd, West Hollywood.  Phone: (310) 652-2235.  Website:

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