Friday, November 19, 2010

The Macallan Cire Perdue sets whiskey auction record; lives up to "water of life" moniker

Jamie Ritchie, Head of Sotheby's Wine, presiding over the auction of the Cire Perdue Auction in New York.

The Macallan Cire Perdue, 64 year aged Macallan in a one of a kind Lalique decanter, sold for a record $460,000 in a New York auction on Monday night.  At Sotheby's flagship in Manhattan, an undisclosed buyer purchased the crystal decanter and its precious contents.  All the proceeds will go to benefit charity: water, a non-profit that brings clean potable drinking water to communities that lack it.

The Sotheby's auction room was full and the bidding was fast and furious between those in the salon and those on the phone who coveted the unique offering.  The world record for a bottle of whiskey far exceeds the previous $160,000 for a bottle of the Dalmore Trinitas earlier this year, which was the first Scotch to sell for over $100,000.  For comparison purposes, in 2007 a bottle of the Macallan 1926 sold for $54,000.

charity: water founder Scott Harrison spoke before the auction began to inspire the bidders.
The combination of the custom made Lalique decanter made using the antique lost wax method, the oldest whiskey ever released by Macallan, the opportunity to help a charity and the ability to own something that nobody else has drove the price well into record territory.  The Cire Perdue had been on a round the world roadshow to Paris, London, Moscow, Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei, Shanghai, Singapore, Osaka and Beverly Hills on its way to the grand finale in New York.  The roadshow raised $145,000 bringing the total raised by the Cire Perdue to $605,000 globally.  As Macallan, Lalique and Sotheby's all donated their time/products/services, all proceeds will go to benefit charity: water and bring clean drinking water to over 30,000 people, truly illustrating the origin of the word whiskey: "water of life."

Note to the winning bidder: feel free to share a sip with me.  Have thirst, will travel.

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Photos courtesy of M Booth & Associates.

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