Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Cocktails: The Bloody Holiday at Waterloo & City

The holiday season has rolled around again and now that the Thanksgiving meal has been consumed thoughts naturally wander to what can I drink in December that is seasonal and delicious. For many a bar, the answer will be something warm, like cider or nog, but at Waterloo & City, they have opted to imbue the spices and aromas of December into a chilled ruby red cocktail, the Bloody Holiday.

What could be more festive than a blood red cocktail, full of liquor and spices? What is in this licentious libation you ask? Dark rum, fresh cranberry puree, ginger beer and holiday spices would be the answer from beyond the grave. Fresh cranberries (none of that canned stuff) smashed into a pliable puree are mixed with ginger beer, nutmeg and other festive spices and given the sturdy base of a dark rum to form a cohesive whole in your glass.  The cocktail is garnished with lime peel and is served on the rocks.

As the ice used at Waterloo & City is small, which melts quickly, that only spurs you to drink it quickly, lest it get diluted.  A cocktail that impels you to drink it quickly?  Very much in the holiday spirit.

Photo courtesy of Carolos Tomazos

Waterloo & City: 12517 West Washington Blvd, Culver City. Phone: (310) 391-4222.  Website:

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