Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Scoops Westside Now Open: Bring on the Brown Brown Bread

Scoops Westside, the West LA branch of the popular eastside artisanal ice cream shop, opened today on Overland Avenue, one block South of Chego.  The ice cream shop is owned by well known blogger Matt Kang (above) and he sources the ice cream from the original Scoops, although several flavors are unique to the new location.

Today Kang was serving up seven flavors, including Brown Brown Bread, Salted Chocolate and Pumpkin Eggnog.  I sampled four of the flavors and my favorites were the Salted Chocolate and the Brown Brown Bread, which is a more intense version of the signature Brown Bread ice cream at Scoops.  There were several non-dairy options among the choices and the flavors will vary daily, so stop by frequently to experience the whole rotation.  As of now there is no sign, but it is located next door to Western Smokehouse BBQ in a minimall at the corner of Overland & Woodbine Avenues.

Kang serving customers on his first day of business.
Scoops Westside is open Monday - Saturday from Noon - 10 pm, closed Sundays.  3400 Overland Avenue, Los Angeles.  Phone: (323) 405-7055.  Follow/message them on Twitter @ScoopsWestside.


  1. thanks for the great writeup Aaron. Hope to see you by the shop again soon. Btw, we have a phone number: 323-405-7055.

  2. Thanks Matt. Updated the post with the information you provided.