Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tokyo 7-7 Closing December 18th

After thirty years Tokyo 7-7, one of the last bastions in the core of Culver City that has resisted gentrification, will be closing next week due to rent increases.  The breakfast and lunch spot sits off an alley behind such upscale restaurants as Fraiche and is a relic of a bygone Culver City.  The menu is a mix of traditional American breakfast standards and Japanese items like teriyaki.  For example the Royal section of the breakfast menu is open-faced omelets with onions served over rice or with potatoes with options such as hamburger or Hawaiian.

The prices at Tokyo 7-7 are a bit of a time warp as it is easy to have a complete meal for $5 and at breakfast for $3.  The establishment has had cheap rent for decades, enabling them to offer reasonable prices, but those days have come to an end.  The food is not destination-worthy but if you are in the neighborhood then you should check it out before Saturday December 18th, the last day to get the Tokyo 7-7 Special of Cha-Shu, Sunomono, Tamagoyaki, Miso Soup and Rice, all for $6.10.  These days sleek spots like Libra and Epicerie are opening in the neighborhood; places like Tokyo 7-7 are closing and are not being replaced.

Zach from Midtown Lunch and I had lunch there yesterday and came upon the closing sign.  We ordered a variety of items including the signature Tokyo 7-7 Special, and the Chicken Teriyaki Bowl.  When the doors close for the last time on a week from Saturday it will be the end of an era, not just for the restaurant but for the neighborhood.

Tokyo 7-7 Coffee Shop: 3839 Main Street Culver City.  Located in the alley behind main street and behind the Cardiff Avenue parking structure.  Phone: (310) 204-5728.  Open Monday - Friday from 7 am - 3 pm and Saturday 8:30 am - 2 pm.  Only until December 18th.

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