Friday, December 10, 2010

Magnum: A Meal as Powerful as Its Namesake?

Magnum, the collaboration between Chef Joseph Mahon and sommelier David Haskell, lands in Koreatown on Monday & Tuesday of next week for a two night pop-up that should defy genres and be full of surprises.  Mahon, who recently left Bastide where he was the executive chef, will be preparing a five course tasting menu priced at $56.  Haskell, who formerly owned Bin 8945 in West Hollywood and most recently was the director of operations at Vertical Wine Bistro will be providing a drink pairing for each course for $54.

Mahon was one of this publication's favorite chefs during his tenure at Bastide.  This author ate there over ten times and was a particular fan of the fried chicken.  If five courses of Chef Mahon's food are not enough for you, for an additional $10, you can expand your tasting menu from five to seven courses.  Just like a magnum holds double the wine (1.5L vs 750ml) of a standard wine bottle, the Magnum meals are on tap to provide double the flavor.  A version of Mahon's fried chicken is on the menu below:

Carrot Curry Pudding
Coconut Soup with mussels, tapioca, cilantro, basil and pistou
Wild Mushrooms, White Soy, Sesame Rice Paper
Fried Chicken with bacon, radish, arugula, celery and buttermilk dressing
Confit Pork Cheeks with béarnaise mouse
Waffle Surprise

The pairings are likely to include some nods to Asia/Korea to reflect the setting in Biergarten with sake, soju and beer all rumored to make appearances.  If you aren't up for a full pairing, you can opt for beverage by the glass or the pairings can be shared between two guests.  The meal promises to be "an evening of unquestionable palatability" according to organizers. I should hope so.

Magnum will be available between 6 pm and 10:30 pm on Monday December 13th and Tuesday the 14th at Biergarten.  Reservations can be made by calling the restaurant at (323)466-4860 after 4 pm.

Biergarten is at 206 N. Western Avenue in Koreatown.

Mahon's fried chicken at Bastide

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