Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Truffle Season: The Cube Truffle Burger

It is truffle season and what better way to get your recommended daily allowance of truffle than in a truffle burger?  No reason to have to resort to nutritional supplements when Cube has this $18 beauty on offer.  The burger is served on a house brioche bun, with a choice of cheese, charred shallots, crispy potatoes and chipotle ketchup.

The potatoes, a crispy take on french fries, were quite tasty.  Long, flat and thin, they had a hint of a potato chip while remaining true to their french fry heritage.  The chipotle ketchup surprised me by how good it was; this may be the first take on ketchup that was as good as the real thing.

Now for the burger: I chose cheddar cheese and the burger was cooked to medium rare.  The brioche bun had been toasted and when I bit into the truffle burger, both the juiciness of the patty and the truffle flavor were both immediately evident.  This burger was not loaded with toppings to distract from the essential flavors of grilled well sourced beef and truffles.  The Cube truffle burger belongs in the top echelon of gourmet burgers in Los Angeles.  It is available at lunch or dinner.

When my dining companion and I got to Cube we were the only customers, but within a short period of time, all the interior tables were occupied.  It is hard to miss Cube if you are trying to locate it, as it has the most brightly lit billboard of a sign I have ever seen.

Cube: 615 N. La Brea Avenue, just South of Melrose. Phone: (323) 939-1148.  Website: www.cubemarketplace.com

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  1. Uh oh, sounds like Cube and Fraiche need to have a battle of the truffle burgers! I think I might be sampling Fraiche's tonight actually...