Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall / Winter Seasonal Cocktails at Villains Tavern

Now that summer has faded away, although the 80 degree weather downtown could fool you, its time to cycle in fall and winter seasonal cocktails and Villains Tavern has launched their new list just in time for their Dark Carnival this weekend.

Dave Whitton, formerly with Seven Grand, is both the creator of the list and the man behind the bar.  No roaming cocktail consultant here.  The drinks include the Sleepy Hollow (pictured below), which includes Gin, Pumpkin, Citrus, Egg Whites, Sugar, Heavy Whipping Cream and Chocolate Chile Bitters.  This was my favorite of the list and it was nice and light.  The egg whites foam up the drink and even though there is whipping cream it does not have a heavy mouthfeel or texture. The drink reminds me a bit of the Silver Lining, a drink I first had from Marcos Tello.

The Edgar Allan Poe (below) is a take on Jerry Thomas's classic 19th century eggnog and features Fighting Cock Bourbon, green apple juice, egg, sugar and nutmeg.  Also on the new list is the Day of the Dead, a hot mulled apple cider cocktail also featuring vodka, Laird's Apple Jack and bitters.  If you like hot apple cider you will really enjoy this as the apple jack and the bitters give the apple flavor and extra kick and the vodka adds to the booziness.  Lastly the Blackheart is a hot rum drink that was not my favorite (I tend not to be a big fan of hot drinks).  It includes several types of rum including Goslings Dark, Blackheart Spiced and Rum Batter along with hot water and heavy whipping cream.  The combination is not nearly as magical as the Sleepy Hollow but if its a chilly evening and you enjoy hot cocktails, then this might work for you.

Fortunately Villains also offers food to munch on as there isn't much else in walking distance.  I had the opportunity to sample the grilled cheese, which I enjoyed, but my favorite of their food options is the burger.  They cooked it perfectly medium rare and served it on a nice doughy bun that neither fell apart nor took over.

Villains Tavern: 1356 Palmetto @ Santa Fe, Downtown. Phone: (213) 613-0766. Website:

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