Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fried Chicken Tuesdays @ The Lazy Ox

Little Tokyo favorite the Lazy Ox Canteen, Josef Centeno's small plates restaurant, serves a different family style meal each night.  Tuesday night is fried chicken night and it is among the top fried chicken dishes in town behind only Bastide and Flossie's.  The fried chicken is available only on Tuesdays and is $27 but serves several people.

The fried chicken feast begins with a salad for the table (above), which had a nice light dressing.  Then the main event begins: fried chicken! (below)  The bowl of fried chicken arrives with six or so pieces of chicken in a large bowl.  It is a lot of food and the skin is nice and crispy.  The skin stays on after you take a bite, unlike so many inferior fried chickens.

The chicken is served with biscuits, an egg and a bacon gravy.  My dining companions who know from good cooking, loved the biscuits.

The fried chicken menu is best ordered with 2-4 people as it is a lot of food and the larger your party the more of Centeno's menu you can round out the meal with.  The atmosphere is gastropubish at Lazy Ox, comfortable but no table cloths; downtown industrial.

Reservations are recommended as last Tuesday all the tables were occupied, although there is a communal table (of course) and seating at the bar.  Note that reservations by phone only.

Lazy Ox: 241 S. San Pedro Street, Downtown Los Angeles. Phone: (213) 626-5299 Website: lazyoxcanteen.com 

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