Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Zane Harris at Test Kitchen: not just the rosemary was on fire

Zane Harris, (below) one of the owner/bartenders of Rob Roy in Seattle, is one of the most talented bartenders in the country right now. He is justifiably famous for his ice balls, hand carved spheres of ice, as well as the composition of his cocktails. He came to Los Angeles last week and guest bartended at the Varnish and at Test Kitchen, for one night each. His menu at Test Kitchen was paired with the dinner prepared by Chicks with Knives and included four selections.

One I particularly enjoyed was the Rosemary's Baby (below), which includes Gin, Maraschino, Green Chartreuse, and Flamed Rosemary. The rosemary is set on fire, which sets off the aromatics in the herb and also adds a dramatic element to the cocktail creation. I am a fan of gin based cocktails and this cocktail was on the aromatic and boozy side, which is a plus. Too many drinks veer to the sweet and Zane's menu steered clear of that pitfall without avoiding citrus altogether.

You can see photos of all of Zane's cocktails that night on KevinEats.


  1. Zane is great! Aaron, you need to come to Seattle so we can go to Rob Roy.

  2. I agree. Once I can figure out dates, I will let you know! I also want to get to Zig Zag.

  3. I didn't try that one!!!! But he was SO great and we loved meeting him. (And seeing you, of course.)