Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nina's Quesadilla: Boyle Heights delicious

Nina's is a quesadilla specialist in Boyle Heights. She is reliably there on Friday and Saturday evenings beginning at eight pm or just before. Nina's operates out of a stand with a generator and sets up her kitchen on the sidewalk. The quesadillas are made from fresh masa and there are a variety of options for fillings. The quesadillas can be fried or grilled.

Squash Blossom fried quesadilla at Nina's

The first time I went to Nina's I ran into the Good Food crew, including Evan Kleiman, the host and Harriet, the producer, which is generally a good sign. On my visit last weekend I opted for a squash blossom (flor de calabaza) quesadilla fried, which was all of $3. It was cooked quickly and then I added several salsas from the selection of half a dozen to finish it off. The portion is quite large and it is delicious. I think I prefer the grilled to the fried, but both options are satisfying.

Nina's was the winner of the First Annual Vendy Awards in Los Angeles this May and she was also the beneficiary of a benefit at Kleiman's Angeli Caffe.

Nina's is cash only and is located on Breed Street across from the Breed Street Shul, just south of Cesar Chavez. Their Twitter account appears to be inactive but she is reliably there on Friday & Saturday evenings. I can't vouch for other nights of the week.

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