Monday, October 11, 2010

Lucifer's Pizza: The Devil Made Me Do It

Lucifer's Pizza proprietor Adam Borich does not look like a cast member of Comedy Central's Ugly Americans, the show about demons, zombies, vampires etc, although he does serve some devilish pies. Unlike my underwhelming experience at Antica Pizzeria, Lucifer's Pizza in Los Feliz exceeded my expectations. The shtick at Lucifer's is that you can get your pizza any spice level you like from zero to blazing.  (Note the chili pepper graphic below.)

Not only can you customize your level of spiciness but you can opt for Gluten Free or Vegan, which are great options when dining with friends with dietary restrictions.  Unlike some establishments (you know who you are), changes and modifications are politely accepted. Want to hold the bacon on the chicken basil pesto? No problem.

On a recent visit, my dining companions and I began with the margherita pizza.  The crust held up well, the sauce was flavorful and the cheese did not overwhelm the pie.  Overall a very good start to the meal.

We opted for gluten free for the Chicken Basil Pesto, which had chicken, sun-dried roma tomato, cashew nuts, basil pesto & black pepper (we nixed the bacon). This pie also had the "fiery" level of spiciness.  This was my first gluten free pizza and I'd be happy to eat another one if they are all like this.  I am a big pesto fan and the sauce was good and with the chicken and cheese on the pie, this dish was certainly a meal.

Overall the pizzas at Lucifer's were solid.  They get definite bonus points for offering the gluten free and vegan options, as it is great to see that in a restaurant that doesn't celebrate mock meat or absurdly healthy food.  The ambiance is just OK; it appeared that the majority of their business was takeout or delivery.  Would I rush across town from the westside for this pizza?  Not unless I was with my gluten free friends.  But if I found myself in Silverlake, Echo Park, Los Feliz etc, I'd happily encourage my friends to join me for a few pizza pies.  With its flexible menu including the option to raise the spice quotient up to satanic levels, Lucifer's is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Lucifer's Pizza: 1958 Hillhurst Avenue (Los Feliz). Phone: (323) 906-8603.  Website:

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  1. "we nixed the bacon" Sacrilege.

    Lucifers Pizza also exceeded my expectations. I didn't have high hopes considering they have a conveyor belt. Their spicy pizza certainly outshines the version I had at 8 1/2.