Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thrillist Food Truck Rally

Over 600 hungry folks attended the Thrillist Road Truck Rally at Siren Studios in Hollywood where for $5 each attendee got to sample food from five food trucks. Relative newcomer Dante's Fried Chicken beat out fellow competitors the Dim Sum Truck, Frysmith, Komodo and Lardon. Dante's wowed the crowd with samples of their "Sock-it-to-me Fried Chicken" which came covered in a hot sauce that was legitimately spicy (Thai spicy in the way that Zach from Midtown Lunch and I were unable to get at a recent meal in Thaitown).

The winning Fried Chicken is shown below on a tray as attendees hungrily attacked it, muscling in to get every last piece in moments. The Rally benefited Meals on Wheels, and was sponsored by Bacardi, which provided unlimited free cocktails (rum and coke or sprite) to the thirsty attendees, as it was a very warm day.

The other offering from Dante's was a biscuit with brisket and slaw (below), which was fine but didn't hold a candle to the delicious fried chicken. Despite the high turnout (it was full but never felt crowded) the lines were long for each of the five food trucks.

It wasn't clear to me if some or all trucks were selling items in addition to giving away the free samples. The dim sum truck was selling other food, but there was no mention of it at Dante's. I sampled food from Frysmith, Dante's and Dim Sum truck (I don't eat pork so skipped Lardon and had eaten Komodo recently) and agreed with the crowd's selection of Dante's food as the best.

Overall this was a fun event and it was great to see a bunch of friends, but if this event is repeated, I'd have a couple more trucks and more availability of water or non-alcoholic beverages as a hot day, small amounts of food and unlimited booze can lead to some messy consequences.  Jeff Miller from Thrillest did a good job of getting an assortment of trucks, including two newish ones (Dante's and Lardon).

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