Wednesday, October 27, 2010

7 Deadly Sins, 7 Deadly Cocktails - Halloween at Downtown Bars

Halloween ghouls can prepare to enjoy their otherworldly elixirs at seven of the 213 Group's bars downtown, each celebrating one of the seven deadly sins with a cocktail based on a different liquor, for $7 each on Saturday night, Halloween eve.  On October 30th beginning at 8 pm, Seven Grand, Las Perlas, Cole’s Red Car Bar, Tony’s Saloon, Casey’s Irish Pub, Golden Gopher and CA√ĎA Rum Bar will each be offering a signature libation for only $7, but only to customers in appropriately ghoulish attire.  No costume, no drink special for you.

Look for the Horse's Neck at Seven Grand, where the rye, ginger ale, ice and lemon peel cocktail will prepare you for the treacherous night ahead.  Old school Halloween candy will be handed out at all seven bars all weekend long, making this kind of adult Trick or Treating significantly more rewarding than going door to door with your younger relatives.

Open bar for the Halloween cocktails at Tony's Saloon and the Golden Gopher will happen from 9 - 10 pm only so be ready with your game plan.  Despite the abundance of sin, ghosts should have no reason to fear the vice squad or the Ghostbusters.

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