Friday, October 29, 2010

Schnitzel Wagon: Fried, Breaded and on Wheels

When Zach from Midtown Lunch suggested trying out the Schnitzel Wagon, I was hesitant.  Drive all the way downtown for fried cutlets from a truck?  But the scent of fried food won out and I headed over to 350 Grand Avenue to go check it out with him.  The meat is kosher and they are in the process of converting their entire truck to having kosher certification.

The day we went the options were chicken or cod schnitzel.  On other days they have additional meats and on Fridays they have falafel.  The schnitzel comes either in a sandwich for $8 or as a combo plate with two sides for $10.  The combo plate is the way to go.  The chicken schnitzel sandwich (below) came with lettuce, tomato and choice of half a dozen different sauces.  The chicken was moist and crispy but the bread was underwhelming. It would have been even better as a plate, so we wouldn't have had to work to get at it.

The cod was perhaps even better than the chicken (comparing just the meat and ignoring the bread issue), which surprised me as I wasn't expecting to be so enthusiastic about it.  It had a nice crunch exterior and a firm yet tender interior.  We got several different sauces including sriracha and barbeque.  Coleslaw, garden salad, potato salad and french fries were the options for the sides and we opted for the potato salad and fries.  The fries were limp but I enjoyed the potato salad more than Zach, perhaps because it had no mayonnaise taste and I am mayo-averse.

The plate is the superior choice and the portion size is ample.  With the cod, they even suggested getting it as a plate as the fish portion is too much for a sandwich.  They have consistently parked on S. Grand Avenue near Starry Kitchen and CASA but I'd follow their twitter account to be sure they will be out that day.  Once the kosher certification comes through there will be delivery to the jewelry district, and hopefully other parts of downtown.  That would be great as the only thing better than fried food is fried food delivered to your door.

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