Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fried Chicken Sandwich @ BLD

I recently had lunch at BLD restaurant on Beverly Blvd, when I tried to drop in for lunch down the block at Eva, only to find the days they are open for lunch had changed. Luckily BLD, home of the Tweet a Dish, was open for business and was able to squeeze us in.

The restaurant was packed and they were barely able to accommodate us at a table as we did not have a reservation. Its always good to see a restaurant doing great business. Most of the BLD lunch menu are salads, sandwiches and burgers. I opted for the Buttermilk Battered Fried Chicken Sandwich. It came with barbecue sauce, arugula, provolene cheese and either french fries or salad. I opted for the french fries.

I ordered the sandwich because it was a fried chicken sandwich. Unfortunately the only flavor that came through was the barbecue sauce, which totally overwhelmed everything else. It could have been grilled chicken or anything else under the flavor of the barbecue sauce and the consistency of the melted cheese. It was fine but it just had no real essence of fried chicken. The french fries were very plentiful, easily enough for two and were nicely seasoned. If you are looking for a barbecue sandwich for lunch, this is the sandwich for you, but if your eyes light up when you see the words fried chicken, stay away as you will be disappointed.

My dining companion had the lamb burger, which I tried and was not something either of us would order again. Just not enough lamb flavor. The service was good during the course of our meal and its a very pleasant room during the day, with the light streaming in through all of the big plate glass windows. We were thankfully able to ignore Jake Pavelka, seated at the next table over, as he did not speak loudly. All in all, not a place I will rush back to for lunch.

BLD restaurant is located at 7450 Beverly Blvd at the corner of Vista. Phone: (323) 930-9744. Website:

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