Friday, August 27, 2010

Ludo Fried Chicken: Mobile Crispy & Tasty

Ludo LeFebvre has been tantalizing Los Angeles with his Ludo Fried Chicken for months, beginning with the debut of his infamous chicken balls at the LA Street Food Fest downtown in February. His LudoBites truck is bright red and will begin more regular rounds next month, but at this point is still doing special events only. You can catch up with the truck tomorrow at the OC Foodie Fest.

The menu has expanded beyond just the balls to include Buttermilk Chicken Strips, Chicken Wings and Ludo's Crispy Chicken Sandwich (pictured below). The sandwich is made with several of the chicken strips in a bun, with slaw on top. The style is reminiscent of Bakesale Betty in Oakland and the sandwich that the Animal dudes produced for Cart for a Cause.

The new menu also includes side dishes such as french fries, honey lavendar biscuits and Ludo's slaw. There are even desserts. Unlike my previous experiences with the Ludo Truck, the line moved very quickly, perhaps the fastest I have seen at any food truck. The process is continuing to be tweaked to make it go even faster.

And for the lovers of chicken balls, now there are four dipping sauces to choose from: piquillo pepper, honey smoked bbq, Bearnaise mayonnaise, and honey whole grain mustard. Yes, Ludo is loving the honey these days!

You can follow the truck on Twitter to see where it is going next. Stops to date have included Fox, Cube, Sunset Junction and tomorrow's OC Fest. Bring your appetite and if you forget cash, Ludo takes credit cards.

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