Monday, August 9, 2010

Mitsuwa Marketplace Centinela: Misasa

In my first of two posts today on restaurants in the Mitsuwa Marketplace Centinela food court I focus on Misasa, a donburi (a rice bowl dish with the meat or fish and or veggies served on top of a bowl of rice) specialist. Almost all of their Yelp reviews begin with "I wasn't in the mood for Santouka..." They are fortunate to get the bountiful Santouka overflow.

I recently had lunch at Misasa and had the Wafu Teriyaki Chicken (pictured above), which was served with miso soup, a bowl of rice, tofu, and a pickle plate. It was a lot of food but none of it was more than fine.

The teriyaki chicken in particular (pictured above) lacked flavor. Go to Hide Sushi for a much better version of chicken teriyaki. The sauce at Misasa was too thin and lacked sufficient sweetness. The chicken itself had a subpar texture.

The tofu, miso soup and pickles were fine, but nothing to seek out. It is a lot of food for a small amount of money, but not especially tasty, so not a good value.

Misasa: 3760 Centinela Ave @ Venice Blvd, Los Angeles. In the Mitsuwa Marketplace food court.

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