Monday, August 9, 2010

Tinga at Tinga

When you name your restaurant after a particular dish or drink, your version of the dish better be spot on and delicious. I can't vouch for the authenticity of the tinga served at Tinga as I have never had the dish before, but I can say that it is tasty.

Tinga, a Mexican cafe which opened two weeks ago, is now doing a bustling lunch business. I hadn't had the opportunity to try the namesake dish on my previous visit, so stopped by yesterday to check it out.

The tinga is shredded chicken with tomato chipotle, lettuce, crema,and marinated onions on a crispy tortilla shell. It comes two to an order. It can get messy to eat these open faced tostadas but they are full of flavor and the taste is clean.

I also grabbed a potato taco, which I had heard good things about, but found it to be not too my liking as the contents were mushier in consistency than I prefer. Stick to the tinga, the chicken or the beef tacos and you will be a happy camper, and remember to save room for dessert.

Tinga: 142 S. La Brea Avenue (1st St/2nd St). Phone: (323) 954-9566. Website:

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